For Patients

Are you, as a patient, having a hard time sticking to the plan that you and your therapist discuss in session? Do you find yourself triggered into reacting, over and over again? Do you find yourself unprepared for big events and potential stressors? Do you find yourself falling into your old ruts and bad habits? WellBlueprint has solutions that can help your therapy be more successful.

With WellBlueprint, you can be part of the solution to your mental wellness. With a clear action plan, you can become an accountable partner in your therapy. Your life can seem more peaceful and you can experience more joy when you realize you have control. You can document your feelings and the events that cause you stress in real-time. You will have the opportunity to record successes and setbacks so that you can refer to these entries in your sessions with your therapist. You can often get a handle on a seemingly unmanageable situation when you have made a plan and stick to the steps. 

WellBlueprint can help you plan your mental wellness. Are you feeling stressed about the holidays? With our calendar feature, you can track the events you are attending and plan strategies for handling difficult people and situations that make you anxious. Knowing what is ahead of you gives you the power to act with intention. Intentional behavior creates success.

When you are not in session, your therapist can send your motivations to keep you on track. By receiving the support you need, reaching your goals, and addressing the reasons you began therapy seem more achievable. Motivation to make behavioral changes guide you toward your wellness goals.

For Therapists

Running a practice is entrepreneurial and there are many things to consider when running a business. WellBlueprint is a fantastic business tool for therapists. The best therapy is an engaging partnership between patient and practitioner. In this partnership, an action plan is developed where real and lasting changes can be made that bring about healthy wellbeing. These plans are the key to creating solutions that last. WellBlueprint promotes client retention through patient engagement and improved patient outcomes.

Therapists in private practice work hard to develop their ideal caseload. Patients that are seeing results tend to stay in therapy. When clients have a hard time sticking to the steps to reach their therapeutic goals, they get stuck. This can lead to clients disengaging and quitting therapy.

Therapists have to market themselves to attract clients. There are several ways to do this like developing a niche market, using social media, and listing their services on online directories. Therapists can also accept insurance, which can ensure referrals and create credibility. The downside to accepting insurance is a lower hourly rate. All of these marketing efforts are time-consuming and that is why client retention is important. With WellBlueprint, therapists can retain clients by making their therapy more actionable, efficient, and effective. 

WellBlueprint’s tools make patient engagement simple, straightforward, and easy to maintain. Clients can record triggering situations in real-time. They can use these journals to refer to in one on one sessions. When strategies have been developed to handle triggering situations healthily, clients can refer to the information logged in the action plan section. When the clients follow the steps consistently they are closer to meeting their therapeutic goal. Happy patients that have achieved their goals lead to referrals and word-of-mouth promotion. All around WellBlueprint helps to make the partnerships win-win.