WellBlueprint is an online toolkit for therapy management. WellBlueprint offers a communication platform for therapists and clients. Our main features are Goals, Journaling and Motivations. These are the basic steps that can help counselors and patients create solutions to the situations that they initiated therapy for.

Our therapist clients can help their patients create an action plan to reach their therapeutic goals.These steps would be recorded in the Goals section of the platform. The goals would be there for the patients to look at when they are approaching challenging situations. They would have the information in front of them to make better decisions and handle situations and stressors in healthier ways.

Our next feature is the Journaling portion of the platform. Journaling is a key component of our approach to effective talk therapy. Patients are able to record events in their life in real time. That means that the therapists and patients can have a better picture of what is truly going on in the patient’s life. This will be especially helpful to have to reflect on in one on one sessions. They will be able to see what is actually occurring and make a strategy to handle the situations in a healthier way.

The final component of the WellBlueprint platform is Motivations. Motivations are encouraging reminders that therapists can send their patients in between one on one sessions. These motivations could relate to a test at school, a holiday function, or a big presentation at work. These could also be used when helping a divorced couple co-parent during big events. The reminders would encourage the patients to remember the steps discussed in talk therapy and help the patient stick to the plan.