Now more than ever, therapists need to continue to provide support and encourage their clients to stay on track with their goals. Our secure video platform allows therapist to safely stay engaged with their clients in real-time.

Action Plans

Our therapist clients help their patients create an action plan to reach their therapeutic goals.These steps are recorded in the Action Plan section of the platform. The goals are there for the patients to look at when they are approaching challenging situations. They have the information in front of them to make better decisions and handle situations and stressors in healthier ways.


Journaling is a key component of our approach to effective talk therapy. Patients are able to record events in their life in real time. That means that the therapists and patients have a better picture of what is truly going on in the patient’s life. This is especially helpful to have to reflect on in one on one sessions. They are able to see what is actually occurring and make a strategy to handle the situations in a healthier way.


Motivations are encouraging reminders that therapists send their patients in between one on one sessions. These motivations could relate to a test at school, a holiday function, or a big presentation at work. These could also be used when helping a divorced couple co-parent during big events. The reminders encourage the patients to remember the steps discussed in talk therapy and help the patient stick to the plan. 

Notes & Documentation

Notes are critical to keeping therapy sessions organized, tracking progress, capturing real-time thoughts and feelings, and capturing data from screenings. Therapists can easily compose, manage, and search their notes in an intuitive and secure location.

Calendars & Event Tracking

Planning for potentially stressful or tricky events takes organization and preparation. When future events are on a calendar available to both patients and practitioners, this can be included in the action plan. 

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging is a safe and secure method for therapists and their clients to communicate with each other. Secure messages are encrypted and never sent outside of the WellBlueprint platform. When a secure message is sent, WellBlueprint will send a simple notification, via standard email, to the recipient with a link to access their secure message.

Secure Document Storage

Clients can upload relevant documents to their own encrypted file storage. This storage can be used for intake forms, screenings, or any other document that may be helpful to both the client and the therapist to support the client’s therapy.